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Information Ecology
Seasons of Peace Cooperation Circles New York, NY
Mesopotamian Summer: Between the Rivers - A Cradle of Civlization New York, NY
DataPerfect Digital Engines - an Open Source Curriculum New York, NY
2004 Gandhi-King Season - Compassionate Action for Global Healing
  • Development of a reorganized web site for the Gandhi-King Season, with the goal of compiling an open source curriculum in compassionate actMvism for global healing, and of inviting participants in a People's Agenda for Economic Justice to observe the Season - which runs from Friday, January 30 to Sunday, April 4 and honours the anniversaries of the deaths of Mohandas K. "Mahatma" Gandhi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - as a time to engage in interactive dialogue on, and development of, a People's Agenda. Management of a set of electronic mailing lists relating to the Gandhi-King Season.
New York, NY
Digital Bridges in Peace New York, NY
Information Habitat: Taking IT Global New YorkM NY
Elements of Information Ecology - An Open Source Curriculum
  • Elements of Information Ecology has been created with the goal of facilitating the creation of a K-12+ curriculum in information ecology, and of developing it on a participatory open source platform. The projects is one of a set of projects being developed on the platform of TakingITGlobal, with the goal of strengthening the global reach of the projects and of increasing the participation of young people.
New York, NY
Elements of Light and Colour - An Open Source Curriculum New York, NY
Image Habitat Engine New York, NY
Peaceful Properties of the Internet New York, NY
Project Information Habitat
  • Project Information Habitat is an evolving design and demonstration of an online habitat for project information, with a set of approximately 200 web pages on projects that have been part of Information Habitat's history. The Project Information Habitat web pages are directly generated from the HABITAT3 DataPerfect relational database that serves as one of the primary digital engines for Information Habitat.

    Project Information Habitat will also draw on the body of information that it has accumulated - incorporating the design, and where appropriate, the contents, of a set of databases in Information Habitat's possession - including databases developed by Information Habitat, as well as those it has inherited from its predecessors; archives from the electronic mailing lists managed, moderated and/or subscribed to by Information Habitat; and Information Habitat's digital library of documents.

New York, NY
Digital Engines
  • The Digital Engine is being developed as a prototype open source relational database engine incorporating informaton ecology principles and protocols, and demonstrating the nature and power of digital - as contrasted with mechanical - engines. The Digital Engine has been created using DataPerfect 2.6F software - a remarkable MS-DOS relational database that can freely downloaded - to be used in conjunction with Firestorm, open source database web-server software that is compatible with DataPerfect. The Digital Engine is being developed as a core element of an information ecology curriculum.
New York, NY
Digital Tree of Life New York, NY
Civic Alliance to Rebuild Downtown New York New York, NY
Listening to the City New York, NY
World Summit on Sustainable Development, PrepCom 3 New York, NY
World Summit on Sustainable Development, PrepCom 2 New York, NY
September 11 Peace Memorials New York, NY
Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence - New York Task Force New York, NY
Earth Values Caucus New York, NY
Financing for Development, PrepCom 3 New York, NY
  • Preliminary design and development of as a demonstration project in the healing properties of the Internet as a life-support framework for the mobilization of healing resources for local, national and global partnership-based networks concerned with the prevention of HIV/AIDS and with the availability of care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families and communities, in conjunction with preparations for and follow-up to the June 2001 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS.
Brooklyn, NY
Ad Hoc Open Ended Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Energy and Sustainable Development, 2nd Session New York, NY
Financing for Development, PrepCom 2 New York, NY
Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence - Taking IT Global New York, NY
Financing for Development Forum New York, NY
Maine Ecology Network
  • Development of design for integrated interactive online framework, incorporating Geographic information system web server, and of information and communication systmes and processes for network of networks of communities, organizations and individuals concerned with the ecology of the State of Maine.
  • Blue Hill, ME
    Housing Court of Kings
    • Design, develop and implement a demonstration model of an online information ecology framework to provide increaed equity for tenants - particlarly those proceeding on a pro se basis in Landlord/Tenant cases in Housing Court.

      The initiative takes its name from an real life case involving the defense of Information Habitat's home in the Housing Part of the Civil Court of the City of New York, County of Kings - better known to the world as Brooklyn.

      The Housing Court of Kings offers a design that draws on the power of the Internet and modern information technology - in conjunction with relevant international agreeements - to remedy the Court's antiquated and dysfunctional information system that is a primary means by which equal protection under the law is systematically denied for low income tenants unable to qualify for legal assistance.

      Housing Court of Kings also seeks to remedy current absence of any systematic documentation of the nature of the tenants' counterclaims and of the physical and environmental conditions in the tenant's apartment and building.

      The Mroject was conceived as a model by which local governmental bodies can and to demonstrate the value of consideration of relevant recommendations from the Habitat Agenda and from Agenda 21.

    Brooklyn, NY
    8th Session, Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
    Gaia University
    • Design and development of knowledge-based curriculum, structure, information architecture and administrative framework - incorporating an extensive network of .net domains - for an Earth-centred, holistic approach to learning and teaching based on the science of Information Ecology and a recognition of One Light in all that exists - symbolized by the Light and Colour Cubes. Conceived as a key element in an evolving collaborative proof of the Gaia MinM / Global Mind hypothesis, Gaia University seeks to restore the essence of the Pythagorean / Hippocratic Oath - "First do no harm" - as a central commitment of education, and to serve as a model for a general framework for a knowledge-based economy and society based on appreciation of the fundamental properties of information, information systems and networks.
    New York, NY
    High-level Panel of Experts on Information and Communication Technology
    • Participated as an observer and rapporteur for meetings of the High-Level Panel, that had been invited by the UN General Assembly in preparation for the consideration of the role of information and communications technology by the high-level segment of the year 2000 session of the Economic and Social Council; compiled a CD-Rom of documents and presentations by Panel members
    New York, NY
    Information Ecology Caucus New York, NY
    Ad Hoc Open Ended Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Energy and Sustainable Development, 1st Session New York, NY
    WhiteMaven and Whitgift New York, NY
    52nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference: Challenges of a Globalized World: Finding New Directions New York, NY
    7th Session, Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
    NGO Section, Division of ECOSOC Support & Coordination, Department of Economic & Social Affairs New York, NY
    New Partnerships for Action Turin, Italy
    Millennium Forum Preparations New York, NY
    Ad Hoc Working Group on the Year 2000 Crisis New York, NY
    6th Session, Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
    Essential Economics: Towards a Holistic Framework
    • Created framework for "Essential Economics" as a basis for revisiting and clarifying assumptions of classical microeconomic pricing theory. The Essential Economics model, developed in the context of Holistic approaches to freshwater and an inquiry into the nature of water as an economic good, sees an economic transaction as a process at the intersection of flows of labour, money, knowledge, material resources, energy, infrastructure, etc. - flows whose properties may be altered by the transaction.

      The Essential Economics framework was a primary catalyst for the development of a general framework for sustainable economics.

    New York, NY
    Holistic Approaches to Freshwater: An Information Ecology Orientation
    • Development of an outline framework for a holistic information ecology approach to freshwater resources - revising the document that had been prepared for the by an international Expert Group that met in Zimbabwe, with an integrating focus on the use of an information ecology approach.

      The information ecology approach would take advantages of the powers and economics of information and communications technology to allow broad-based, timely free access to water-related information, and to allow for a systematic process of public feedbacM on water-related problems, incorporating an online geographic information system / relational database approach that can make vital water-related information readily available and accessible.

    New York, NY
    Hudson Valley Sustainable Communities Network Kingston, NY
    Whole Earth Partnership Informatics & Participation - wepip New York, NY
    CONGO Task Force on Communications New York, NY
    UN CommissiMn on Social Development, 36th Session New York, NY
    Information Ecology Curriculum New York, NY
    Development Planning Unit, University College London London, United Kingdom
    20th General Assembly of the Conference of NGOs in CoMsultative Status with ECOSOC Geneva, Switzerland
    European Ministerial Conference on Environment & Health London, United Kingdom
    19th Special Session of the General Assembly New York, NY
    5th Session, Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
    Global Village Symposium Vienna, Austria
    Information Ecology Caucus, CSD NGO Steering Committee New York, NY
    Peace Cubes / Virtual Light and Colour Cubes
    • Development and dissemination of a proliferating set of images based on developed models of the peace cubes / virtual light and color cubes as embodiments of properties of light and of nature. The existence of the cubes was discovered in response to a request from the outgoing Executive Director of UN-Habitat to explore the use of colour to identify the role of partners in a proposed web site for follow-up to Habitat II.

      The Light and Colour Cubes were dedicated as Peace Cubes at an Equinox Earthday celebration next to the Peace Bell at United Nations Headquarters in March 1997 and have emerged as icons of Information Ecology and of a holistic approach - with the dimensions of red, blue and green appearing to correspond to dimensions of economy, society and environment - the three "pillars of sustainability" - as well as to dimensions of body, mind and spirit.

    New York, NY
    Habitat II Follow-up Istanbul, Turkey
    NGO Forum '96 Preparations Istanbul, Turkey
    Towards Earth Summit II - NGO/CSD Steering Committee New York, NY
    Habitat II Preparations New York, NY
    The Other Economic Summit / US New York, NY
    Open-Ended Working Group on the Review of Arrangements for Consultation with Non-Government Organizations New York, NY
    Synergistic Processes project
    • The principal focus project has been the application of information and communication technology in support of effective communication, access to information, and broad-based participation for the non-governmental organization community in the UNCED process and follow-up activities.

      Member of facilitation team at the 1993 Parliament of World Religions in Chicago,Mco-edited Your Voice interactive bulletin, with responsibility for special issues that organized and presented reports from a Parliament of the People and from the Assembly of Religious and Spiritual Leaders.

      During the UNCED preparations, project activities included the publication of the Da Zi Bao interactive bulletin at PrepCom IV and at the Global Forum in Rio; the latter involved publication of the bulletin in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French with a total staff, including volunteers, of 115 people. After Rio, the work involved compilation and publication of the Alternative Treaties, dissemination on disk of the official Rio agreements and the alternative treaties in several languages, the design, implementation and dissemination of a database of the NGOs accredited to UNCED and the organization of the text of the Rio agreements and the alternative treaties into a full text searchable database.

    Baltimore, MD
    Da Zi Bao: An Interactive Exchange Process Baltimore, MD
    Roots of the Future: International NGO Conference Paris, France
    Hands-on Healing
    • Although Hand-on Healing has had virtually no visibility, conceptually it is at the heart of the vision of Information Habitat and holds a vision - and encourages the practice - of discovering a wealth of opportunities to engage in hands-on healing relationships with the Earth and with other people - cultivating a living organic garden, preparation of healthy food, healing massage, picking up and recycling waste, and with hands on keyboards; discovering ways that electronic communication - with the new forms of public dialogue and access to information it makes possible - can become a healing force. in part by restoring common access to the properties of the whole, and making it possible for all voices to be heard.
    Baltimore, MD
    Information Habitat: Where Information Lives
    • Guides and directs Information Habitat - a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council - with a focus on promoting the understanding and practice of information ecology as a holistic life science and as a framework to support a global transition to knowledge-based economies, societies and environments. Throughout the global conferences of the 1990s, Information Habitat has been the leading pioneer in the systematic application of information and communications technologies in support of broad-based participation, access to information and networking by NGOs involved in the work of the United Nations, and the development of an information ecology framework that can support a transition to sustainability, human rights, justice and peace, in the context of an integrated follow up to the agreements of the United Nations Conferences of the 1990s and their reconciliation with international trade and investment agreements.
    Baltimore, MD
    US Citizens Network on UNCED Washington, DC
    Baltimore City Public Schools
    • Organized, formatted and presented data and produced a comprehensive Report Card on Elementary Schools in Baltimore with comprehensive statistics on measures of school performance and behavior. The Report was prepared and disseminated under the auspices of the Education Committee of the Citizens' Planning and Housing Association in Baltimore. The data were compiled and integrated in a DataPerfect relational database - and the report was generated as a single, massive - by prevailing standards - mail-merge document in Wordperfect 5.0 with data from an assortment of data sources within the Baltimore City Public School system, resulting in the first-ever integrated presentation of performance data for the public schools in Baltimore.
    Baltimore, MD
    Citizens Planning & Housing Association - Education Committee Baltimore, MD
    Globescope Pacific Assembly and Global Tomorrow Coalition Washington, DC
    Journey through Rio, Istanbul and Beyond Baltimore, MD
    Friends of the Family Baltimore, MD
    Better Waverly Community Organization Baltimore, MD
    City College of Baltimore Baltimore, MD
    Robert Pollard, Consulting
    • Technical support and professional services in microcomputer uses including electronic mail, database design and development, document organization and management, web site design and development, set up and mangement of small local area networks. Clients have included community-based organizations working in community development, social justice, health, environment and peace. A primary focus has been the integration of database and desktop publishing, organization of desktop, and support and training in the use of Eudora email software and the establisment and maintenance of electronic mailing lists.
    Baltimore, MD
    Computer Users in Social Services: Maryland Regional Chapter Baltimore, MD
    Alternative Press Center
    • Designed and developed DataPerfect relational database system for classifying and organizing coding of articles in alternative and progressive publication. Developed report formats using DataPerfect and WordPerfect that generated the contents of the Alternative Press Index, a quarterly publication that has been a primary library reference resource for alternative progressive periodicals. Provided training in data entry and report generation.
    Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore Area Community Organizations Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore Information Cooperative
    • Wrote successful grant proposal for initial funding of the organization, which was established to provide support and assistance to small charitable and community organizations in the use of microcomputers. Served as Co-ordinator - in conjunction with a cooperative arrangement with the Baltimore City Jail for a half-time leave of absence to work with the Baltimore Information Cooperative; support and training in use of database, spreadsheets and word processing and recommendations for microcomputer purchase.
    Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore City Jail Library
    • Established the first library at Baltimore City Jail; developed and implemented methodologies that became a model for prison law libraries in the State of Maryland; initiated education programs; designed and developed a simple cataloging system that was able to be managed directly by the inmate staff; trained and supervised staff of 10-12 inmate volunteers in a range of library procedures, including basic law library research in State and Federal criminal law; wrote successful proposal funding 7 full time and 5 part time positions under the Public Service Employment Program of the U.S. Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA); developed and managed budgets for the library; designed and implemented audiovisual productions; supervised inmate newsletter and inmate self-help programs.
    Baltimore, MD
    The Johns Hopkins University, Social Relations Department
    • M.A. 1973, completing all Ph.D. requirements except dissertation. Specialized in small group dynamics, interpersonal and organizational behaviour, personality, criminology, quantitative research methods and mathematical sociology. Research Assistant on National Science Foundation projects, with a focus on data management, measurement, analysis and presentation, research design and methodology, computer programming, communication dynamics, and measurement of interpersonal behaviour and personality.

      The Johns Hopkins University was founded by Johns Hopkins, a Baltimore Quaker, yet by 1973, it was by far the largest university as measured by military contracts and research grants. An alternative approach to knowledge

    Baltimore, MD
    Institute for Human Sciences, Boston College
    • Data management and organization, and supervision of computer coding of grievances and concerns drawn up throughout France at a parish level in the course of the "Convocation of the Estates General" in the context of a National Science Foundation funded research project involving quantitative analysis of the French Revolution.
    Boston, MA
    Global Business Hearings on Financing for Development New York, NY

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