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Information Ecology Caucus
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    Role: Founder and Coordinator
    Established the Information Ecology Caucus as an independent NGO Caucus, in recognition that the scope of its activities and focus had evolved beyond a focus on the Commission on Sustainable Development and a relationship with the CSD/NGO Steering Committee.
New York, NY
    "Information Ecology" in Towards Earth Summit II: NGO Recommendations for Actions and Commitments at Earth Summit II
    A call for a major commitment to analyze and explore the opportunities and implications of the rapidly evolving "information and communication ecosystem" and to identify critical information ecology issues relating to sustainability; also a call for the design and establishment of, and support for participatory enabling environments within which information and communications technologies, systems and processes - including traditional and non-electronic forms - can facilitate a transition to more open, equitable and sustainable communities and society.

New York
    Information Ecology for a Millennium Forum
    An outline of a general information ecology approach in support of information and communication needs of a Millennium Forum - or set of Forums. An overview of some historical roots of information ecology and its evolution in support of the participation of non-governmental organizations in preparations for and follow-up to the global conferences of the 1990s. (Draft, in progress)

    Information Ecology Networks for a New Millennium
    Outline of conceptual basis of Information Ecology networks and Information Ecology domains.

    Elements of Information Ecology - An Open Source Curriculum
    A home - on the TakingITGlobal platform - for an initiative to release a prototype curriculum in the elements of information globally, in the form of a broadly accessible and understandable curriculum in information ecology for people of all ages - from birth to death.

    In conjunction with Project Information Habitat - based on a prototype information ecology platform, the curriculum - and related structures and processes - would be developed in a participatory open source framework.

    Major project elements have separate homes on the TakingITGlobal and Information Ecology platforms - with the goal of strengthening the global reach of the projects with a particular focus on engaging the interest and participation of young people.

New York
    Information Ecology Archives
    Evolving set of classified compilation of archival information on projects, documents, databases and electronic mailing lists associated with the development of Information Ecology by Information Habitat: Where Information Lives. The web pages, currently totalling pages, were generated by the HABITAT3 DataPerfect Digital Engine.

New York
    Electronic mailing lists
    [information-ecology] - Information Ecology Caucus
    Lightly used electronic mailing list for the Information Ecology Caucus. Active.

    [dpu-pip] - Development Planning Unit - Partnership, Informatics, Participation
    The [dpu-pip] mailing list has not been used for email messages, however, extensive use has been made of the "files" feature on what was originally a Mailbase platform to make available, via email, a collection of documents relating to the Partnership, Informatics and Participation (PIP) initiative in partnership with the Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College, London. Inactive.

    [pip] - Partnership, Informatics and Participation
      To subscribe to [pip], send an email message to
      with the following one-line message:
      subscribe pip-L


    INTERNET - Networked knowledge and information
    The Internet database is the successor to the NGOS@UN database, incorporating a significant number of new data files - now totalling 99, including the water-body oriented geographic data structure that were developed in preparation for Y2K contingency planning, and a set of data files for Internet domain names, the registration of which was a major focus of activity in the year 2000, and that are central components in the design of Gaia University and in an evolving proof of the Gaia Mind hypothesis.

Brooklyn, NY
    ECOLOGY - Gaia University network of knowledge, information ecology database
    ECOLOGY was the successor to the INTERNET database, renamed to focus attention on its ecological properties, and incorporating minor revisions and updates to its structure, in addition to the conceptual shift associated with the change of name.

Brooklyn, NY
    HABITAT3 - Habitat Three
    An evolution from the ECOLOGY database, Habitat Three is conceived of both as a preliminary organizing database for an anticipated Habitat III Conference to be held in 2016, and as a prototype digital habitat for the Third Millennium. The HABITAT3 database serves as the primary database of Information Habitat and remains one of the principle vehicles for the development of the DataPerfect Digital Engine that has become a central focus of Information Habitat: Where Information Lives.

Brooklyn, NY
Information Ecology Caucus
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