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Access to Information
DataPerfect Digital Engines - an Open Source Curriculum New York, NY
H2O Partners New York, NY
Peace & Nonviolence Resource Network New York, NY
2003 Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence New York, NY
Project Information Habitat
  • Project Information Habitat is an evolving design and demonstration of an online habitat for project information, with a set of approximately 200 web pages on projects that have been part of Information Habitat's history. The Project Information Habitat web pages are directly generated from the HABITAT3 DataPerfect relational database that serves as one of the primary digital engines for Information HabitMt.

    Project Information Habitat will also draw on the body of information that it has accumulated - incorporating the design, and where appropriate, the contents, of a set of databases in Information Habitat's possession - including databases developed by Information Habitat, as well as those it has inherited from its predecessors; archives from the electronic mailing lists managed, moderated and/or subscribed to by Information Habitat; and Information Habitat's digital library of documents.

New York, NY
Civic Alliance to Rebuild Downtown New York New York, NY
Peace Caucus at the United Nations New York, NY
World Summit on Sustainable Development, PrepCom 3 New York, NY
2002 Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence New York, NY
Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence - New York Task Force New York, NY
  • Preliminary design and development of as a demonstration project in the healing properties of the Internet as a life-support framework for the mobilization of healing resources for local, national and global partnership-based networks concerned with the prevention of HIV/AIDS and with the availability of care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families and communities, in conjunction with preparations for and follow-up to the June 2001 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS.
Brooklyn, NY
FinaMcing for Development Forum New York, NY
Housing Court of Kings
  • Design, develop and implement a Memonstration model of an online information ecology framework to provide increaed equity for tenants - particlarly those proceeding on a pro se basis in Landlord/Tenant cases in Housing Court.

    The initiative takes its name from an real life case involving the defense of Information Habitat's home in the Housing Part of the Civil Court of the City of New York, County of Kings - better known to the world as Brooklyn.

    The Housing Court of Kings offers a design that draws on the power of the Internet and modern information technology - in conjunction with relevant international agreeements - to remedy the Court's antiquated and dysfunctional information system that is a primary means by which equal protection under the law is systematically denied for low income tenants unable to qualify for legal assistance.

    Housing Court of Kings also seeks to remedy current absence of any systematic documentation of the nature of the tenants' counterclaims and of the physical and environmental conditions in the tenant's apartment and building.

    The project was conceived as a model by which local governmental bodies can and to demonstrate the value of consideration of relevant recommendations from the Habitat Agenda and from Agenda 21.

Brooklyn, NY
8th Session, Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
Gaia University
  • Design and development of knowledge-based curriculum, structure, information architecture and administrative framework - incorporating an extensive network of .net domains - for an Earth-centred, holistic approach to learning and teaching based on the science of Information Ecology and a recognition of One Light in all that exists - symbolized by the Light and Colour Cubes. Conceived as a key element in an evolving collaborative proof of the Gaia Mind / Global Mind hypothesis, Gaia University seeks to restore the essence of the Pythagorean / Hippocratic Oath - "First do no harm" - as a central commitment of education, and to serve as a model for a general framework for a knowledge-based economy and society based on appreciation of the fundamental properties of information, information systems and networks.
New York, NY
Information Ecology Caucus New York, NY
52nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference: Challenges of a Globalized World: Finding New Directions New York, NY
NGO Section, Division of ECOSOC Support & Coordination, Department of Economic & Social Affairs New York, NY
Y2K Tri-State Network New York, NY
Millennium Forum Preparations New York, NY
Holistic Approaches to Freshwater: An Information Ecology Orientation
  • Development of an outline framework for a holistiM information ecology approach to freshwater resources - revising the document that had been prepared for the by an international Expert Group that met in Zimbabwe, with an integrating focus on the use of an information ecology approach.

    The information ecology approach would take advantages of the powers and economics of information and communications technology to allow broad-based, timely free access to water-related information, and to allow for a systematic process of public feedback on water-related problems, incorporating an online geographic information system / relational database approach that can make vital water-related information readily available and accessible.

New York, NY
Whole Earth Partnership Informatics & Participation - wepip New York, NY
CONGO Task Force on Communications New York, NY
UN Commission on Social Development, 36th Session New York, NY
Information Ecology Curriculum New York, NY
6th Session, Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
Development Planning Unit, University College London London, United Kingdom
NGO Committee on Social Development New York, NY
20th General Assembly of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with ECOSOC Geneva, Switzerland
European Ministerial Conference on Environment & Health London, United Kingdom
Ad Hoc Working Group on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment New York, NY
World Wide Fund for Nature Geneva, Switzerland
Partnership, Informatics and Participation New York, NY
Sustainable Energy & Environment Division, UNDP New York, NY
5th Session, Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
Commission on Human Settlements - 16th session
  • EstablishMd a web site with all available documents of the 16th Session of the Commission on Human Settlements - in English, French and Spanish in partnership with the UN Center for Human Settlements and the UN Development Programme; disseminated information on the web site and the availability of the documents.
Nairobi, Kenya
Global Village Symposium Vienna, Austria
Information Ecology Caucus, CSD NGO Steering Committee New York, NY
Informal Soundings on ECOSOC Decision 1996/297 New York, NY
Communications Coordinating Committee for the United Nations New York, NY
NGO Committee on Sustainable Development New York, NY
Global Information through Computer Networking Technology in Follow-up to the FWCW New York, NY
NGO Forum '96 Preparations Istanbul, Turkey
Habitat II PrepCom 3
  • Set up and managed an Internet Café for PrepCom participants with a small Local Area Network adjaMent to the Vienna Café in UN Headquarters; provided Internet and email access; assisted in retrieving Conference documents; publicized availability of online Habitat II resources; disseminated information on electronic mailing lists and web sites for Habitat II. Set up NGO registration procedures and provided support at registration desk; generated interim and final reports on NGO registration. Active participant in meetings of the International NGO Facilitating Group and other NGO committees and caucuses.
New York, NY
Huairou Commission - Women, Homes & Communities SuperCoalition New York, NY
International NGO Facilitating Group for Habitat II (IFG) New York, NY
NGO Committee on Human Settlements New York, NY
Habitat Peace Caucus New York, NY
Open-Ended Working Group on the Review of Arrangements for Consultation with Non-Government Organizations New York, NY
Habitat II Preparations New York, NY
UN Habitat, New York Liaison Office New York, NY
Habitat II PrepCom 2 Nairobi, Kenya
3rd Session, Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
World Summit for Social Development PrepCom 3
  • Chair of the NGO Information and Communications Committee; facilitated access to and exchange of information; compilation of participant contact information and creating of directories of participants; retrieval and dissemination of electronic copies ofpr PrepCom documents; provision of technical computer and electronic communications support and assistance in conversion, formatting, spell-checking and printing NGO documents and in removal of computer viruses.
New York, NY
World Summit for Social Development PrepCom 2 New York, NY
Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO) New York, NY
Open-Ended Working Group on the Review of Arrangements for Consultation with Non-Government Organizations New York, NY
United Nations Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development
  • Designed and developed an Internet gopher incorporating comprehensive documentation from the Commission on Sustainable Development and the World Summit for Social Development; developed user manual for the gopher and a procedures manual for development and maintenance of the gopher. Member of Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development (DPCSD) Task Force of NGO Focal Points; drafted Task Force recommendations on an integrated database for NGO contacts in DPCSD.
  • New York, NY
    World Summit for Social Development preparations New York, NY
    Campaign for a More Democratic United Nations New York, NY
    RIOD - Desertification Network Geneva, Switzerland
    UN Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
    Da Zi Bao at Rio Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Earth Summit PrepCom 4 New York, NY
    International Synergy Institute
    • Active participation in, and monitoring of, the proceedings of the Commission on Sustainable Development, the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Convention on Desertification, the Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, the World Summit for Social Development, the International Conference on Population and Development, the Fourth World Conference on Women and the Open-Ended Working Group on the Review of Arrangements for Consultations with Non-Governmental Organizations; in all these proceedings, this involved a leadership roleMin promoting the compilation and dissemination of documents in electronic format -- on disk and via electronic communications -- and the provision of support in the use of information and communication technology by representatives of non-governmental organizations participating in the above proceedings.
    Baltimore, MD
    Da Zi Bao: An Interactive Exchange Process Baltimore, MD
    On The Line: Interactive Preparations for the First Earth Summit Geneve, Switzerland
    Roots of the Future: International NGO Conference Paris, France
    Earth Summit PrepCom 3 Geneva, Switzerland
    International NGO Forum preparations Geneva, Switzerland
    Center for Our Common Future
  • Provided global electronic distribution of Network 92, the newsletter of the Centre for Our Common Future to NGOs participating in preparations for The Earth Summit / UN Conference on Environment & Developmnet, held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992. The success of this initiative can be measured in part by the fact that a print version of Network '92 typically would be received in Baltimore, MD at the same time as the next issue was received and redistributed electronically.
  • Geneva, Switzerland
    Earth Summit PrepCom 2 Geneva, Switzerland
    Citizens' Consultation on UNCED Washington, DC
    Earth Summit PrepCom 1 Nairobi, Kenya
    International NGO Strategy Group Geneva & New York,
    US Citizens Network on UNCED Washington, DC
    Earth Summit / UNCED Preparations
    • Active participant in and facilitator of the NGO participation process, beginning with preparations for the organizing session of the Preparatory Committee. Initially attending under the auspices of an Earthcare Interfaith Network, and was one of the key organizers of the US Citizens Network on UNCED. Pioneered the use of electronic communication, email in support of broad-based participation. Served as primary support for NGO computer centers at PrepComs. Active participant in the NGO Strategy Group, and Chair of its Information and Communications Committee. Eventually received accreditation under the auspices of the International Synergy Institute. Created database of accredited NGOs and NGO Representatives and full-text searchable database of the Rio Agreements.
    Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore City Public Schools
    • Organized, formatted and presented data and produced a comprehensive Report Card on Elementary Schools in Baltimore with comprehensive statistics on measures of school performance and behavior. The Report was prepared and disseminated under the auspices of the Education Committee of the Citizens' Planning and Housing Association in Baltimore. The data were compiled and integrated in a DataPerfect relational database - and the report was generated as a single, massive - by prevailing standards - mail-merge document in Wordperfect 5.0 with data from an assortment of data sources within the Baltimore City Public School system, resulting in the first-ever integrated presentation of performance data for the public schools in Baltimore.
    Baltimore, MD
    Citizens Planning & Housing Association - Education Committee Baltimore, MD
    Earthcare Interfaith Network
    • Developing "Foundations for a Sustainable Common Future", based on the vision of a global Interfaith network - united in their common faith-based acknowledgment vision presented at the November 1989 Globescope Pacific Assembly, in Los Angeles and key member of the organizing committee for the U.S. Citizens Network on UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) and initial interim secretariat for the Citizens Network.
    Baltimore, MD
    Friends in Global Networks Baltimore, MD
    Globescope Pacific Assembly and Global Tomorrow Coalition Washington, DC
    Journey through Rio, Istanbul and Beyond Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore Area Recycling Committee Baltimore, MD
    Friends of the Family Baltimore, MD
    Community Law Center Baltimore, MD
    Better Waverly Community Organization Baltimore, MD
    Computer Users in Social Services: Maryland Regional Chapter Baltimore, MD
    Maryland State Foster Care Review Board Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore Area Community Organizations Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore City Jail Administrative Analysis
    • Developed microcomputer plans, training and recommendations; developed and edited Policy and Procedures Manual for compliance with Maryland State standards; published staff newsletter; produced audiovisual materials for orientation of incoming residents; developed plans and proposals; prepared budgets and position descriptions; served as in-house consultant to mid-level correctional and administrative staff, including the design and management of a process for maintenance of an orderly schedule for meals, recreation and other services to inmates.
    Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore Information Cooperative
    • Wrote successful grant proposal for initial funding of the organization, which was established to provide support and assistance to small charitable and community organizations in the use of microcomputers. Served as Co-ordinator - in conjunction with a cooperative arrangement with the Baltimore City Jail for a half-time leave of absence to work with the Baltimore Information Cooperative; support and training in use of database, spreadsheets and word processing and recommendations for microcomputer purchase.
    Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore Environmental Center Baltimore, MD
    Three Mile Island Unit 1 - NRC Restart Proceedings ,
    Chesapeake Energy Alliance
    • Organized and staffed literature tables on the dangers of nuclear energy and the advantages of alternative energy sources, sold bumper stickers and buttons, organized meetings and rallies. Mimeographed, collated and sorted flyers and mailings; stuffed and sorted envelopes.

      Represented the Chesapeake Energy Alliance on a pro se basis in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) proceedings concerning the re-start of Three Mile Island, Unit 1. In response to the flood of legal briefs in the case, proposed that a coherent system be established for identification of, and referral to briefs - leading to the subsequent adoption of such procedures by the NRC.

    Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore City Jail Library
    • Established the first library at Baltimore City Jail; developed and implemented methodologies that became a model for prison law libraries in the State of Maryland; initiated education programs; designed and developed a simple cataloging system that was able to be managed directly by the inmate staff; trained and supervised staff of 10-12 inmate volunteers in a range of library procedures, including basic law library research in State and Federal criminal law; wrote successful proposal funding 7 full time and 5 part time positions under the Public Service Employment Program of the U.S. Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA); developed and managed budgets for the library; designed and implemented audiovisual productions; supervised inmate newsletter and inmate self-help programs.
    Baltimore, MD
    Baltimore City Jail Volunteer
    • Worked with a variety of self-help initiatives established by residents, including newsletter and self-help groups, and provided access to the library and its formerly inaccessible collection of law books; conducted small questionnaire-based survey on perception of self and significant others by juvenile detainees; developed preliminary proposal for a Learning Resource Center at the City Jail.
    Baltimore, MD

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