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Elements of Information Ecology - An Open Source Curriculum New York, NY
Open Source Curriculum in DataPerfect and Firestorm New York, NY
Elements of Light and Colour - An Open Source Curriculum New York, NY
Journey of Light, Reconciliation and Peace New York, NY
Digital Engines
  • The Digital Engine is being developed as a prototype open source relational database engine incorporating informaton ecology principles and protocols, and demonstrating the nature and power of digital - as contrasted with mechanical - engines. The Digital Engine has been created using DataPerfect 2.6F software - a remarkable MS-DOS relational database that can freely downloaded - to be used in conjunction with Firestorm, open source database web-server software that is compatible with DataPerfect. The Digital Engine is being developed as a core element of an information ecology curriculum.
New York, NY
Listening to the City New York, NY
September 11 Peace Memorials New York, NY
Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence - Taking IT Global New York, NY
United Nations Fund for Population Activities New York, NY
NGO Section, Division of ECOSOC Support & Coordination, Department of Economic & Social Affairs New York, NY
Millennium Forum Preparations New York, NY
Whole Earth Partnership Informatics & Participation - wepip New York, NY
Information Ecology Curriculum New York, NY
NGO Committee on Social Development New York, NY
Partnership, Informatics and Participation New York, NY
1997.07- M/font>
Peace Cubes / Virtual Light and Colour Cubes
  • Development and dissemination of a proliferating set of images based on developed models of the peace cubes / virtual light and color cubes as embodiments of properties of light and of nature. The existence of the cubes was discovered in response to a request from the outgoing Executive Director of UN-Habitat to explore the use of colour to identify the role of partners in a proposed web site for follow-up to Habitat II.

    The Light and Colour Cubes were dedicated as Peace Cubes at an Equinox Earthday celebration next to the Peace Bell at United Nations Headquarters in March 1997 and have emerged as icons of Information Ecology and of a holistic approach - with the dimensions of red, blue and green appearing to correspond to dimensions of economy, society and environment - the three "pillars of sustainability" - as well as to dimensions of body, mind and spirit.

New York, NY
NGO Committee on Sustainable Development New York, NY
NGO Forum '96 Preparations Istanbul, Turkey
International NGO Facilitating Group for Habitat II (IFG) New York, NY
NGO Committee on Human Settlements New York, NY
Habitat II Preparations New York, NY
UN Habitat, New York Liaison Office New York, NY
United Nations Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development New York, NY
Campaign for a More Democratic United Nations New York, NY
One World Now
  • Set up and managed the OWN database for One World Now contact information; re-organized WordPerfect mailing lists, imported the data into the OWN DataPerfect database and generated directories and listings of contact information; provided training and technical support in WordPerfect and for data retrieval entry, editing in DataPerfect and WordPerfect. Compiled and organized One World Now's bookkeeping records using Quicken® 5.0 and generated detailed financial reports. Prepared reports on UN Conferences and Conventions, including Earth Summit follow-up, preparations for the Convention on Desertification and Drought and the Parliament of WOrld's Religions.
Houston, TX
NGO Steering Committee to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development New York, NY
Ideas for Tomorrow Today
  • Edited and published final version of the NGO Alternative Treaties - in book form and on diskette - as "Alternative Treaties: Synergistic Processes for Sustainable Communities and Global Responsibility". Made available diskette copies of the Rio Agreements and the database of UNCED-accredited NGOs. Created a full-text relational database of the Rio Agreements - Rio Declaration, Agenda 21, Convention on Biodiversity, Framework Climate Convention, NGO Alternative Treaties and the Women's Action Agenda. Created, corrected and updated a database of signatories of the treaties. Edited and published an issue of NGO Alternative Treaties Bulletin.
Milbrook, United Kingdom
Da Zi Bao at Rio Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
International Synergy Institute
  • Active participation in, and monitoring of, the proceedings of the Commission on Sustainable Development, the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a ConvenMion on Desertification, the Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, the World Summit for Social Development, the International Conference on Population and Development, the Fourth World Conference on Women and the Open-Ended Working Group on the Review of Arrangements for Consultations with Non-Governmental Organizations; in all these proceedings, this involved a leadership role in promoting the compilation and dissemination of documents in electronic format -- on disk and via electronic communications -- and the provision of support in the use of information and communication technology by representatives of non-governmental organizations participating in the above proceedings.
Baltimore, MD
Synergistic Processes project
  • The principal focus project has been the application of information and communication technology in support of effective communication, access to information, and broad-based participation for the non-governmental organization community in the UNCED process and follow-up activities.

    Member of facilitation team at the 1993 Parliament of World Religions in Chicago, co-edited Your Voice interactive bulletin, with responsibility for speciaM issues that organized and presented reports from a Parliament of the People and from the Assembly of Religious and Spiritual Leaders.

    During the UNCED preparations, project activities included the publication of the Da Zi Bao interactive bulletin at PrepCom IV and at the Global Forum in Rio; the latter involved publication of the bulletin in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French with a total staff, including volunteers, of 115 people. After Rio, the work involved compilation and publication of the Alternative Treaties, dissemination on disk of the official Rio agreements and the alternative treaties in several languages, the design, implementation and dissemination of a database of the NGOs accredited to UNCED and the organization of the text of the Rio agreements and the alternative treaties into a full text searchable database.

Baltimore, MD
Da Zi Bao: An Interactive Exchange Process Baltimore, MD
On The Line: Interactive Preparations for the First Earth Summit Geneve, Switzerland
Roots of the Future: International NGO Conference Paris, France
1991.11-1991.12 M
International NGO Forum preparations Geneva, Switzerland
Information Habitat: Where Information Lives
  • Guides and directs Information Habitat - a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council - with a focus on promoting the understanding and practice of information ecology as a holistic life science and as a framework to support a global transition toMknowledge-based economies, societies and environments. Throughout the global conferences of the 1990s, Information Habitat has been the leading pioneer in the systematic application of information and communications technologies in support of broad-based participation, access to information and networking by NGOs involved in the work of the United Nations, and the development of an information ecology framework that can support a transition to sustainability, human rights, justice and peace, in the context of an integrated follow up to the agreements of the United Nations Conferences of the 1990s and their reconciliation with international trade and investment agreements.
Baltimore, MD
Who Is Who: People, Projects and Organizations in Service to the Earth New York, NY
Caring for Creation secretariat Washington, DC
US Citizens Network on UNCED Washington, DC
Earth Summit / UNCED Preparations
  • Active participant in and facilitator of the NGO participation process, beginning with preparations for the organizing session of the Preparatory Committee. Initially attending under the auspices of an Earthcare Interfaith Network, and was one of the key organizMrs of the US Citizens Network on UNCED. Pioneered the use of electronic communication, email in support of broad-based participation. Served as primary support for NGO computer centers at PrepComs. Active participant in the NGO Strategy Group, and Chair of its Information and Communications Committee. Eventually received accreditation under the auspices of the International Synergy Institute. Created database of accredited NGOs and NGO Representatives and full-text searchable database of the Rio Agreements.
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Organized, formatted and presented data and produced a comprehensive Report Card on Elementary Schools in Baltimore with comprehensive statistics on measures of school performance and behavior. The Report was prepared and disseminated under the auspices of the Education Committee of the Citizens' Planning and Housing Association in Baltimore. The data were compiled and integrated in a DataPerfect relational database - and the report was generated as a single, massive - by prevailing standards - mail-merge document in Wordperfect 5.0 with data from an assortment of data sources within the Baltimore City Public School system, resulting in the first-ever integrated presentation of performance data for the public schools in Baltimore.
Baltimore, MD
Citizens Planning & Housing Association - Education Committee Baltimore, MD
Earthcare Interfaith Network Baltimore, MD
Globescope Pacific Assembly and Global Tomorrow Coalition Washington, DC
Journey through Rio, Istanbul and Beyond Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Area Recycling Committee Baltimore, MD
Friends of the Family Baltimore, MD
The Learning Bank Baltimore, MD
Friends Committee on Unity with Nature Ann Arbor, MI
Various National and International NGOs Baltimore, MD
Community Law Center Baltimore, MD
People's Homesteading Group Baltimore, MD
Better Waverly Community Organization Baltimore, MD
Waverly Family Center
  • Member of Board when the recently-formed Waverly Family Center - with a mission of providing support for young low-income single mothers and their children - was in a major growth period, and engaged in planning and fund-raising for the construction of a new building. The Center was one of a small initial group of family centers funded by the State of Maryland - following the passage of enabling legislation.
Baltimore, MD
Robert Pollard, Consulting
  • Technical support and professional services in microcomputer uses including electronic mail, database design and development, document organization and management, web site design and development, set up and mangement of small local area networks. Clients have included community-based organizations working in community development, social justice, health, environment and peace. A primary focus has been the integration of database and desktop publishing, organization of desktop, and support and training in the use of Eudora email software and the establisment and maintenance of electronic mailing lists.
Baltimore, MD
Computer Users in Social Services: Maryland Regional Chapter Baltimore, MD
Homewood Monthly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends
  • Clerk of Ad Hoc Committee on Unity with Nature, compiled and edited a set of Queries on Unity with Nature based on identification and organization of themes included in a compilation of related queries developed by other Quaker Monthly and Yearly Meetings. The Queries on Unity with Nature were later incorporated as the Quaker contribution to the Environmental Sabbath programme of the United Nations Environmental Programme. Developed a database of Members and Attenders of the Meeting.
Baltimore, MD
Maryland State Foster Care Review Board Baltimore, MD
Alternative Press Center
  • Designed and developed DataPerfect relational database system for classifying and organizing coding of articles in alternative and progressive publication. Developed report formats using DataPerfect and WordPerfect that generated the contents of the Alternative Press Index, a quarterly publication that has been a primary library reference resource for alternative progressive periodicals. Provided training in data entry and report generation.
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Area Community Organizations Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Information Cooperative Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Environmental Center Baltimore, MD
Institute for Human Sciences, Boston College
  • Data management and organization, and supervision of computer coding of grievances and concerns drawn up throughout France at a parish level in the course of the "Convocation of the Estates General" in the context of a National Science Foundation funded research project involving quantitative analysis of the French Revolution.
Boston, MA

information ecology | digital engines | light cubes | gandhi-king season | digital bridges in peace | uniting for peace
search | peace | nonviolence | conferences | participation | united nations | habitat | ecological design | index

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