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Digital Engines
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    Role: Facilitator
    The Digital Engine is being developed as a prototype open source relational database engine incorporating information ecology principles and protocols, and demonstrating the nature and power of digital - as contrasted with mechanical - engines. The Digital Engine has been created using DataPerfect 2.6F software - a remarkable MS-DOS relational database that can freely downloaded - to be used in conjunction with Firestorm, open source database web-server software that is compatible with DataPerfect. The Digital Engine is being developed as a core element of an information ecology curriculum.
New York, NY
    ngos@un Database - An Outline
    Sketch of major areas of database elements in ngos@un - a comprehensive relational database of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) at the United Nations. Inspiration-generated file, in pdf format.


    COLOURS - Light & Colour Cube Engine
    Database engine of light and colour for the Virtual Light and Colour Cubes, and of more than a thousand images based on the Cubes. COLOURS was used to generate the set of images of the faces of the Light and Colour Cubes, as well as to generate many sets of web pages with images based on the cubes.

Brooklyn, NY
    DPMANUAL - DataPerfect Digital Engine Reference Manual
    Revision of MANUAL database, initially to rename panels - as DPMANUAL.* - and in 2004.09 to reorganize the manual with each subsection of the manual as a separate record, incorporating a five-level table of contents, and the FORMULA database adding a more complex indexing system for sections, using it to generate a hyperlinked set of web pages for the Reference Manual, and making provisions for updating the manual with features added since Dataperfect 2.3, and hints and examples offered by DataPerfect Users.

Brooklyn, NY
    HABITAT3 - Habitat Three
    An evolution from the ECOLOGY database, Habitat Three is conceived of both as a preliminary organizing database for an anticipated Habitat III Conference to be held in 2016, and as a prototype digital habitat for the Third Millennium. The HABITAT3 database serves as the primary database of Information Habitat and remains one of the principle vehicles for the development of the DataPerfect Digital Engine that has become a central focus of Information Habitat: Where Information Lives.

Brooklyn, NY
    DIGITAL - Digital Engine
    The Digital Engine is a prototype for an open source digital engine based on information ecology design principles. The digital engine incorporates a set of related databases designed to enable the establishment and maintenance of interactive public fora, and incorporates an evolving set of protocols for the structure, field formats of data files, and a rule-based framework for relationships between data files.

    DIGITAL is being created using DataPerfect 2.6F - a remarkably powerful, versatile, robust and elegant remarkable DOS-based relational database that was released in 1985 as a key element of the WordPerfect Library - a library that included WordPerfect 3.0, and a powerful menu driven Shell program that allows rapid switching and data exchange between Shell-compatible programs.

    The use of WordPerfect Shell 4.0 - the latest version - is integral to the design and development of the DIGITAL database, for example through the use of Shell macros that can, for example, automatically generate a set of data fields and set up formulas that define the field values; through the screen capture feature that is invaluable in documentation of the database; and enable full integration with WordPerfect 5.1+ - the still unrivalled classic of word-processing software.

New York, NY
    LIGHT - Let there be Light
    The success to the COLOURS database, LIGHT is evolving as an engine to generate light - through the generation of sets of web pages - for images based on the Light and Colour Cubes, and for sets of digital or digitized photos - and the integration of the images with text, documents, web sites, and relevant links.

New York, NY
    GOOGLIE - GooglIE - Googling Information Ecology
    GooglIE - a fusion of Google and IE / information ecology - is also a play on the cricket term googly, a ball with an unpredictable spin. The database was created to organize the results of a 2002 Google search for the phrase "information ecology".

New York, NY
    DP-VIEW - DataPerfect - Viewing the Engine's Structure
    DP-VIEW is based on modifications to the MANAGER database, expanded to include reports that present the structure of DataPerfect databases through a set of linked web pages. DP-VIEW embodies a revival and elaboration of the idea behind the DPMANAGE database.

New York, NY
    DP-FRAS - DataPerfect French Revolution Analytic Study
    A database for the organization and analysis of coded records of grievances recorded in the Cahiers de Doléances in conjunction with the Convocation of the Estates General on the eve of the French Revolution.

New York, NY
Digital Engines
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peace cube - virtual light and colour cube information ecology projects peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube

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