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Petition for an
Emergency United Nations Resolution on Iraq

United Peoples & United Nations: Uniting for Peace

We, the undersigned,

  • Deploring the current invasion and occupation of Iraq by foreign forces as an act of aggression in violation of the United Nations Charter and international law;

  • Deeply concerned by the Security Council's failure to condemn the current invasion and occupation of Iraq;

  • Further concerned about threats and coercive efforts by the United States to influence the votes of others -- in disregard of clear expressions of popular will and the principles and the Charter of the United Nations -- on a recent proposal to invoke Resolution 377 (V) Uniting for Peace;

  • Deeply troubled by the humanitarian crisis, violations of human rights, destruction and looting - with irreversible consequences - and recognizing the urgent need for nonpartisan international assistance to the Iraqi people;

  • Call upon the Security Council to ensure that the United Nations plays a central role in restoring peace and security in Iraq.

    If the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity of the permanent members, fails to act with respect to the following matters relating to international peace and security,

  • then we call upon all Member States of the United Nations to immediately convene an Emergency Meeting of the General Assembly, under the provisions of General Assembly Resolution 377 (V), Uniting for Peace, to act.

1. Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Response

  • To mandate:

    • the immediate mobilization and deployment of a United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Iraq;

    • the immediate and orderly withdrawal of the occupying forces;

    • the coordination, by the United Nations, funded by the invading powers, of the response to the humanitarian disaster in Iraq, with particular attention to provision of medical care, food and restoration of water supplies; and

    • the immediate return of the United Nations weapons inspection teams and other United Nations international staff to Iraq, as needed, including human rights monitors and labor rights advisers.

2. Establishment of a Legitimate Government

  • To facilitate an environment in which the people of Iraq can establish their own representative and participatory government, free of the influence of the invading powers; and

  • to ensure self-determination by the people of Iraq, including the full and equitable participation of women (in compliance with Security Council Resolution 1325) and of minorities, religious and secular, in the future governance of Iraq.

3. Compliance with International Law

  • To enforce the obligations of the invading powers under the provisions of the Hague Regulations, Geneva Conventions and other applicable international agreements;

  • to prevent the exploitation and further destruction of Iraq's heritage and resources;

  • to provide for full reparation by the invading powers to the Iraqi people for damages caused and precipitated by the unlawful use of military force;

  • to ensure the removal of depleted uranium, cluster bombs, and un-detonated munitions; and

  • to promptly investigate and gather evidence of any war crimes and crimes against peace and humanity that have been committed by the belligerent parties in Iraq, in preparation for prosecution of all such crimes.

4. Illegality of Preventive and Preemptive War

  • To declare that preventive and preemptive war -- as advocated and practiced by the United States and supported by some other Member states -- violate international law and the principles and Charter of the United Nations;

  • to hold the attacking forces responsible for their violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations; and

  • to impose sanctions against countries that wage preventive war.

5. Prohibition of Advantage and Profit from Illegal War

  • To prohibit the invading powers from taking advantage of their illegal use of military force to establish military bases in Iraq;

  • to ensure that the invading powers and their corporations are prevented from entering into any contracts for the rebuilding of infrastructure, or the development or sale of Iraqi resources, particularly including oil, except as authorized by the United Nations; and

  • to prohibit the invading powers and their personnel from removing or acquiring any Iraqi national properties.

6. Peace and Security in the Middle East

  • To resolve that, as a matter of urgent priority, the Middle East should be established as a zone of peace respecting the sovereignty of all states, and the rights and dignity of all persons, including the right to self-determination and all forms of religious belief and expression; and

  • to declare that all states in the Middle East must be free of occupation or domination by any foreign power and free of all forms of weapons of mass destruction.

1 May, 2003

Uniting for Peace Coalition   -

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