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Interfaith Dialogue
Seasons of Peace Cooperation Circles New York, NY
Mesopotamian Summer: Between the Rivers - A Cradle of Civlization New York, NY
2004 Gandhi-King Season - Compassionate Action for Global Healing
  • Development of a reorganized web site for the Gandhi-King Season, with the goalMof compiling an open source curriculum in compassionate activism for global healing, and of inviting participants in a People's Agenda for Economic Justice to observe the Season - which runs from Friday, January 30 to Sunday, April 4 and honours the anniversaries of the deaths of Mohandas K. "Mahatma" Gandhi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - as a time to engage in interactive dialogue on, and development of, a People's Agenda. Management of a set of electronic mailing lists relating to the Gandhi-King Season.
New York, NY
Peace & Nonviolence Resource Network New York, NY
2003 Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence New York, NY
2002 Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence New York, NY
September 11 Peace Memorials New York, NY
Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence - New York Task Force New York, NY
Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations New York, NY
Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence - Taking IT Global New York, NY
United Religions Initiative at the United Nations New York, NY
CSD Exhibit on Water and Health
  • Spontaneous installation of a complex and evolving multi-material installation / exhibit on the theme of of a UN Commission on Water and Health. The exhibit began in Conference Room C at UN Headquarters, and for its final two days, moved into a space that became open close to the Vienna Café where it provoked interest and discussion among participants in the 8th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development.
New York, NY
Gaia University
  • Design and development of knowledge-based curriculum, structure, information architecture and administrative framework - incorporating an extensive network of .net domains - for an Earth-centred, holistic approach to learning and teaching based on the science of Information Ecology and a recognition of One Light in all that exists - symbolized by the Light and Colour Cubes. Conceived as a key element in an evolving collaborative proof of the Gaia Mind / Global Mind hypothesis, Gaia University seeks to restore the essence of the Pythagorean / Hippocratic Oath - "First do no harm" - as a central commitment of education, and to serve as a model for a general framework for a knowledge-based economy and society based on appreciation of the fundamental properties of information, information systems and networks.
New York, NY
Friends General Conference 1988
  • Active participant in workshop sessions on Unity with Nature, including a focus on consideration of sets of Queries developed by Monthly and Yearly Meetings on Unity with Nature and ways in which Friends; participated in informal meetings of Friends concerned with Unity with Nature.
Boone, NC
Parliament of the People Chicago, IL
Your Voice Chicago, IL
Parliament of World Religions Chicago, IL
Information Habitat: Where Information Lives
  • Guides and directs Information Habitat - a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council - with a focus on promoting the understanding and practice of information ecology as a holistic life science and as a framework to support a global transition to knowledge-based economies, societies and environments. Throughout the global conferences of the 1990s, Information Habitat has been the leading pioneer in the systematic application of information and communications technologies in support of broad-based participation, access to information and networking by NGOs involved in the work of the United Nations, and the development of an information ecology framework that can support a transition to sustainability, human rights, justice and peace, in the context of an integrated follow up to the agreements of the United Nations Conferences of the 1990s and their reconciliation with international trade and investment agreements.
Baltimore, MD
Caring for Creation
  • Active participation and networking in this major interfaith conference on religion and the Earth; organized and staffed an exhibit on Information Habitat: Where Information Lives, demonstrating the power of microcomputers and electronic conferences to enable unprecented storage of, and access to, information, with a focus on access to documents relating to preparations for the Earth Summit; prepared an outline presentation of Hands-on Healing; participated in workshop discussions on UNCED participation and the uses of information and communications technology.
Washington, DC
Caring for Creation secretariat Washington, DC
Earthcare Interfaith Network
  • Developing "Foundations for a Sustainable Common Future", based on the vision of a global Interfaith network - united in their common faith-based acknowledgment vision presented at the November 1989 Globescope Pacific Assembly, in Los Angeles and key member of the organizing committee for the U.S. Citizens Network on UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) and initial interim secretariat for the Citizens Network.
Baltimore, MD
FGC Gathering 1989 Canton, NY
Friends in Global Networks Baltimore, MD
Earth Day 1990 Baltimore, MD
FWCC Triennial - Section of the Americas
  • Participated in the Triennial Meeing of the Friends World Committee on Consultation with a focus on a concern with Unity with Nature. The meeting had an overall theme, from Micah, 6:8 "... and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" and included a focus on the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation movement in the World Council of Churches and on the preparation for the 1992 Earth Summit,
Des Moines, IA
Journey through Rio, Istanbul and Beyond Baltimore, MD
Friends Committee on Unity with Nature Ann Arbor, MI
Baltimore Interfaith Peace Mission Baltimore, MD

information ecology | digital engines | light cubes | gandhi-king season | digital bridges in peace | uniting for peace
search | peace | nonviolence | conferences | participation | united nations | habitat | ecological design | index

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