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H2O Partners
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    Role: Coordinator
    A domain and evolving partnership-based framework within which to float a renewed Habitat II Online - h2o - project, incorporating the Habitat Partners Network, with a focus on water as a central issue, including a set of database-generated web pages for water bodies, their properties, and their relationships with other water bodies, with land bodies, and with countries, provinces, cities, towns, villages and communities - generated from a prototype digital engine database.

New York, NY
    Queries on Unity with Nature
    Queries, or probing questions, representing a compilation and synthesis of queries on Unity with Nature that had been developed by Friends (Quakers) at Monthly and Yearly meetings across the U.S.A., from a perspective that sees people in unity with nature, not apart from it. These queries were subsequently published as the Quaker contribution to the 1989 Environmental Sabbath resource guide developed by the U.N. Environment Programme.

Baltimore, MD
    Foundations for a Sustainable Common Future
    Identification of value issues that are key to a transition to a sustainable future; need for holistic approaches, interfaith cooperation, integrating faith and practice, networking skills, and participation in UNCED preparations. Testimony presented at the Globescope Pacific Assembly, Los Angeles, November 1989.

Baltimore, MD
    Queries on Environment and Development
    A set of queries developed for Friends Committee on Unity with Nature for submission as testimony to the Globescope Pacific Assembly in Los Angeles with the intention of examining spiritual dimensions of environment and development. The Queries were later used as key themes by the organizers of The Other Economic Summit in 1997 (TOES-97).

Baltimore, MD
    Habitat II Online: Invitation to a Journey
    Statement at 1996 Earth Day celebration at the Peace Bell at United Nations Headquarters, extending an invitation to participate in a journey - to Istanbul and beyond; a journey of recommitment to the principles and values of Earth Day; a journey of discovery and exploration of new ways and tools with which we can work together in fulfilling the vision of Earth Day.

New York, NY
    Habitat II Online: An Ecological Design Process
    An overview of ecological design considerations in the development of the Habitat II Online initiative to enable coherent, intelligent response to the agenda of the Habitat II conference incorporating an ecology of information, an ecology of education, and an ecology of participation.

New York, NY
    Virtual Light & Colour Cubes
    The virtual light & color cubes are virtual structures in the form of cubes with dimensions of red, green and blue, within which the colour at any point is equal to the sum of the point's red, green and blue coordinates. The pair of cubes - mirror images and photographic negatives of each other - embody fundamental properties of light and colour, and demonstrate the additive and subtractive primary colours.

New York, NY
    Dedication of the Peace Cube
    Dedication of the Virtual Light and Colour Cube as a Peace Cube at the Earthday on the Equinox on the Internet ceremony at United Nations Headquarters on 1997.03.20

New York, NY
    Whole Earth Partnership, Informatics and Participation
    Web site with a listing and description of the electronic mailing list networks - Habitat Partners networks, Habitat Peace Caucus, the Huairou Commission, NGO Committees on Social Development, Sustainable Development, Human Settlements, Ad Hoc Working Group on the MAI, and Year2000 list.

New York, NY
    Holistic Approaches to Freshwater Vitality: An Information Ecology Approach
    Outline framework for the use of an information ecology approach - focussing on watershed-based interactive public access to freshwater information - developed on the basis of NGO recommendations from the Freshwater Caucus and the Informaton Ecology Cacus of the NGO/CSD Ste fering Committee in response to "Integrated Management of Freshwater Resources" recommendations from a 1998.01 Expert Group meeting in Harare.

New York, NY
    Essential Economics: Towards a Holistic Framework
    Preliminary schematic representation for "Essential Economics". The model, developed in the context of "Holistic approaches to freshwater" and the consideration of the nature of water as an economic good at the 6th Session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, describes an economic transaction as a process at the intersection of flows of labour, money, knowledge, material resources, energy, infrastructure, etc.

Brooklyn, NY
    Housing Court of Kings: A framework for information ecology and the administration of Justice
    Information ecology, justice and the law. A framework and a test case / case study in an information ecology-enabled transformation of the Housing Part of the Civil Court of the City of New York, Kings County - better known as Brooklyn. Housing Court of kings is also intended to serve as a model framework to strengthen the role of Housing Courts to do justice to the rights of tenants, and to the responsibilities of landlords to maintain their properties in a lawful, ecologically-sound manner in keeping with the language and the spirit of international agreements on sustainable housing and sustainable communities and cities, and on sustainable, participatory development.

Brooklyn, NY
    Peace Cubes - Gifts of Light
    Home for the Peace Cubes - Virtual Light and Colour Cubes that are at the centre of a three-dimensional mathematics of colour and light and that can transform our understanding of the nature and dimensions of light and colour. The Peace Cubes can also serve as vital elements in a new global curriculum on mathematics, colour and light, as symbols for the One Light in all of Creation, and as teaching tools on the properties of knowledge-based economies, and as an introduction to the properties of zero-based economy. All of the images are computer-generated, the most recent images based on HTML tables generated from a DataPerfect database, as were most of the sets of web pages of images.

Brooklyn, NY
    Pumped up for Peace - TakingITGlobal
    Pumped Up for Peace is being developed as a support space for a global project for young people to engage in grassroots fundraising so they can establish relationship with communities in developing countries, with a focus on donating and enabling access to ecologically-sound, low energy, low-maintenance water pumps and access to freshwater.

New York, NY
    Electronic mailing lists

    [earth-values-caucus] - Earth Values Caucus
    Electronic mailing list for members of the Earth Values Caucus that was established in preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in September, 2002, and that continues to play an active role in the Commission on Sustainable Development. Active.

    [values] - NGO Values Caucus
    Primary electronic mailing list for the NGO Values Caucus. Active.

    [socdev] - NGO Committee on Social Development
    Had served as the primary electronic mailing list for the NGO Committee on Social Development. Currently only occasional messages. Active.
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    [pip] - Partnership, Informatics and Participation
      To subscribe to [pip], send an email message to
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      subscribe pip-L

    [partners] - Habitat Partners Network
    The principal electronic mailing list for Non-Governmental Organizations engaged in monitoring, implementation and follow up to the Habitat Agenda agreed to at the June 1996 Habitat II Conference in Istanbul. Active.
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    NGOS@UN - ngos@un - Non-Governmental Organizations at the United Nations
    NGOS@UN was designed as a catalyst for a cooperative information ecology framework to work with the Secretary-General of the United Nations in response to a request from the Economic and Social Council to make every effort to enhance and streamline, as appropriate, practical arrangements to facilitate the participation of non-governmental organizations in the work of the United Nations - and specifically to make effective use of database technology.

    NGOS@UN grew out of the INFOHAB database, and integrated extensive information - from disparate sources - of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) accredited to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and to the Global Conferences of the 1990s. As it developed, NGOS@UN grew significantly in size and structure incorporating major new sections, including record of NGOs in the process of seeking accreditation with ECOSOC, historical data on NGO accreditation, and information on official United Nations documents pertaining to NGO Accreditation and the work of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations.

Brooklyn, NY
    ECOLOGY - Gaia University network of knowledge, information ecology database
    ECOLOGY was the successor to the INTERNET database, renamed to focus attention on its ecological properties, and incorporating minor revisions and updates to its structure, in addition to the conceptual shift associated with the change of name.

Brooklyn, NY
    HABITAT3 - Habitat Three
    An evolution from the ECOLOGY database, Habitat Three is conceived of both as a preliminary organizing database for an anticipated Habitat III Conference to be held in 2016, and as a prototype digital habitat for the Third Millennium. The HABITAT3 database serves as the primary database of Information Habitat and remains one of the principle vehicles for the development of the DataPerfect Digital Engine that has become a central focus of Information Habitat: Where Information Lives.

Brooklyn, NY
    DIGITAL - Digital Engine
    The Digital Engine is a prototype for an open source digital engine based on information ecology design principles. The digital engine incorporates a set of related databases designed to enable the establishment and maintenance of interactive public fora, and incorporates an evolving set of protocols for the structure, field formats of data files, and a rule-based framework for relationships between data files.

    DIGITAL is being created using DataPerfect 2.6F - a remarkably powerful, versatile, robust and elegant remarkable DOS-based relational database that was released in 1985 as a key element of the WordPerfect Library - a library that included WordPerfect 3.0, and a powerful menu driven Shell program that allows rapid switching and data exchange between Shell-compatible programs.

    The use of WordPerfect Shell 4.0 - the latest version - is integral to the design and development of the DIGITAL database, for example through the use of Shell macros that can, for example, automatically generate a set of data fields and set up formulas that define the field values; through the screen capture feature that is invaluable in documentation of the database; and enable full integration with WordPerfect 5.1+ - the still unrivalled classic of word-processing software.

New York, NY
H2O Partners
access to informationhabitat & human settlementsinformation architectureinteractive processesknowledge-based economicslocal governancengo networks, committees &partnershippeacesustainable agriculturesustainable developmentsustainable economicsunited nationswater |

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