Digital Bridges in Peace
Light & Colour Tiles

Light & Colour Tiles

A set of the ninety-six light and colour tiles - based on mirror images of the faces and the cycles of all possible pairs of contiguous faces. Each colourful tile is framed below a frieze of the corresponding faces. The bottom frieze contains the photographic negative of the tile. Below that are the sixteen "cycle tiles" corresponding to the faces of the main tile. Sound complicated? In practice it is easy - and fun if you let your eyes and feelings guide you. Virtually no words, yet simple to grasp visually.

Click on the image above or here to see Light & Colour Tiles, or click on the thumbnails below for the other elements of the exhibit.

Light & Colour Cubes Rivers of Light Images from the Peace Cubes Faces of the Cubes Reconciliation in 16 Colours Light & Colour Tiles Twin Cubes of Light & Colour Rainbow Cubic Sine Waves Twisted Pairs of Cubes

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