Da Zi Bao in Paris

Da Zi Bao: An Interactive Exchange Process was launched at the Roots of the Future International Non-Governmental Organization conference held in Paris, 17-19 December 1991, a major NGO Conference organized by the Environmental Liaison Centre International and hosted by the French Government in preparation for the Earth Summit / UNCED in Rio.

Da Zi Bao had been developed by On The Line: Interactive Preparations for the First Earth Summit in response to a proposal developed for a "participant interactive message system" that had been developed by Anthony Judge of the Union of International Associations - see www.igc.org/habitat/pims/pim-aj.htm - for UNCED's PrepCom 3, but not implemented.

The following are the issues of Da Zi Bao -- or to give it its full name Da Zi Bao: An Interactive Exchange Process -- from Paris, in pdf format.

The issues of Da Zi Bao from Paris are also available as a single pdf file, and the messages are available organized by key word.

Da Zi Bao was subsequently published at the final UNCED PrepCom and at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, as well as at several other conferences held in preparation for the Earth Summit, as well as at the Parliament of World Religions under the name Your Voice

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Updated: 7 April, 2012