information habitat

whole earth partnership informatics & participation network

the whole earth partnership informatics & participation network - wepip - has evolved from the use of information and communication technology by information habitat: where information lives in support of broad-based participation in united nations global conferences, beginning with preparations for the 1992 earth summit in rio de janeiro and continuing through the 1996 habitat ii conference in istanbul.

more immediately, wepip is a development from partnership, informatics and participation which in turn grew out of a proposal for a habitat online partnership plan of action that incorporated a design for an integrated partnership-based online framework for participatory monitoring and implementation of the agreements from the global conferences.

the use of electronic mailing lists has played a central role in wepip, as this is a format that provides an effective and accessible means for exchange and dissemination of information, and has gained recognition as a vital tool to support the work of non-governmental organization committees and networks.

the following are some of the key electronic mailing lists administered by wepip, with instructions on how one can subscribe to the electronic mailing list, along with links to relevant web sites - some of which are also maintained by information habitat

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