Purpose of the Peace Caucus for Habitat II

We, the representatives of over thirty organizations have formed the Peace Caucus for Habitat II to insure the issues of militarization and the relationship between disarmament and social development are addressed by governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO's) and to take the message of this Summit along with the peace agenda to the people of the world.

Therefore, we call for the Declaration to include commitments by governments to:

We believe the past and present dependency on armed forces for security has proven insufficient. Military solutions to resolve conflicts have contributed to social and environmental problems rather than solving them. We must redefine security in human terms and demand the peace dividend that should have resulted when the Cold War ended.*

*Security is of paramount concern for Member States. We commend the Final Document International Conference on the Relationship between Disarmament and Development (UN, 1987) paragraph 14 adopted by 150 States by consensus which already addressed the security enhancing relationship between disarmament and development.

Mission Statement
The Work of the Peace Caucus for Habitat II at PrepCom III