Cities Nurturing a Culture of Peace

An Invitation to All Participants in Habitat II

On Tuesday, June 4th, in the afternoon, at the Technical Institute on the Guyumussu Campus, the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities is conducting a workshop on CITIES-THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO A CULTURE OF PEACE. Mayors from the following cities have been invited to participate in the panel, reporting on their "best practices" in dealing with that mandate: Geneva, Switzerland; Lisbon, Portugal; Yokohama, Japan; Marzabotto, Italy; Lome, Togo; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Brighton, England; Warsaw, Poland, Volgograd, Russia; New Haven, Connecticut, USA; Pori, Finland; Quito, Ecuador; Krusevac, Republic of Serbia, all members of the Executive Board of the Association.

The International Association of Peace Messenger Cities is literally a creature of the United Nations, consisting of 74 municipalities worldwide, designated by the General Assembly as Peace Messengers since 1986. Its membership firmly believes Cities have responsibility to raise the consciousness of its residents to an understanding of how military solutions affect the lives of urban dwellers. It encourages the development in the cities of programs for peace and tolerance.

The workshop is arranged to allow participation and dialogue from the floor.

For further information: Brian Fitch, General Secretary, IAPMC,
Fax + 44 1273 202 364.

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